Dear MBS Fans and Friends,

Due to the limitations of staff, time, funding, and the unbending Laws of the Physical Universe, we’ve decided to cancel the 2017 Midwest Birding Symposium in Bay City, Michigan. The three hosts, Bird Watcher’s Digest, Michigan Audubon, and the Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy concurred that a 2017 MBS was beyond our collective reach, given our other annual events and organizational responsibilities. We share your disappointment in not having an MBS in 2017. However, all three organizations are involved in an array of other birding-oriented events, which we invite you to check out.

Bird Watcher’s Digest is exploring plans to host another Midwest Birding Symposium in the future, and when those plans come together, we’ll trumpet the news across the land.

Thanks very much and good birding,

Bill Thompson, III
Bird Watcher’s Digest
[email protected]

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